I've been lucky, but it rendered me devastated.

Mexican police is bad, very bad and corrupt. Its insane how unprepared they are, and they, more often than not, act more as a gang, or a mob made up of self serving assholes that always look out only for themselves.

I have said it before, I respect police officers a lot, but only when they are good and try to make my city safer.


I even respect the alcohol-check-point officers more than any other government employee. Any time that I have to go through the check points (Every car has to, I’ve never driven under the influence) I let them know that I think they make my city better and I congratulate them.

bonus ford Ka

But again, most are dirtbags.

Now, let me tell you what happened to me.

Using your phone as you drive is a 2,500 peso infraction. I was guilty of it, I did not have a phone dock on my car and I had to check my phone’s sat nav for directions.


This until a traffic officer pulled me over, this happened in Reforma Avenue.

He checked my documents, explained the infraction to me, 2500 pesos, and three points off my license. He explained that using the phone is only permited with the car stationary and the engine turned off which is a lie, you only need to be stationary.


Anyway, he was imputing the infraction until he looked up at me and said

“Hey, guero, should I help you out?” Implying that I should, instead of paying the fine, give him 300 or 400 pesos.


I declined his offer because I didn’t want to bribe someone over a traffic ticket.

instead of handing over the fine, he fucking pulled back into the road and left.


Now, this is insane. I deserved the ticket, and he asked for a bribe and then left when I declined.

What the fuck.....

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