It’s my last semester in college and I’m busy as hell doing the whole job application and interview thing. Hopefully I’ll hear some good news soon, but that’s not why you’re reading this. You came here for car related stuff, right?

Right before I got back to school the 02 was perfect, well, perfect for me. Got to enjoy it for about a month. Then one of the shifter bushings broke and the shifter sagged to the bottom right and shifting was difficult, but doable. I figured I would fix it one weekend when I went home. Well, I never had the chance. the day after I met up with some 02 friends, I driving the piss out of my car and I develop a misfire and a knock. I’ve been diagnosing the car on and off for about a month, but I haven’t really done much past a compression test and a few other minor tests. So, hopefully I’ll be able to figure something out after I graduate. Thanks for reading. Here are some recent pics.

Towing the car home with the help of a good friend

Compression test time. Unfortunately I didn’t get any answers. I was ready to take the head off and get to work.


Helping a friend out with his dead CRV


Parked next to my friend’s FoST

About 1/4 of the 02 gang (and an e30 M3)


New to me seats, that were free. So much better than the old horsehair seats.

Pure sex


Video of the knock. I’m thinking it’s something in the bell housing. I have great compression, there’s no smoke, and the motor runs on all 4.