I've been posing as a journalist for nearly 4 months now...

...it’s awesome. And infuriating.

Positive? Toyota let me drive their big sedan

Negative? I had to make a 500 mile round trip to pick it up, and another 500 mile round trip to return it


Positive? Networking with people in the industry

Negative? (This is the point which precipitated the post) I spend vast amounts of time looking at my phone waiting to get an email back. Everything is only an email or two away from becoming a reality. This is made worse by living in California, in addition to the fact that my sleep schedule is completely screwed by my job. I wake up at 2PM PT, and am up until around 5-6AM. I wake up to emails from the east coast and then when I reply they’ve already left the office. Im back asleep by the time they’re checking in the morning.


Positive? It’s fun!

Negative? Being a full-time student with a full-time job means I don’t really have time to put the effort I want into the stuff I do. This also sucks.



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