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I've Been Productive

My job has effed with my schedule this week in such a way that I’m off during the day today, but am working 9pm-1am tonight. Armed with some free time until a guy comes by to buy the hard top off my Miata at 12, I decided to tackle my least the front ones.

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Overall, as easy a brake job as I can ever recall doing...maybe because the scale of the parts is so small. Centric rotors and StopTech street pads, probably took me an hour and a quarter to do both front wheels.

I’d definitely call it improved in that the car now stops with some measure of urgency...I was actually able to lock the fronts where before it just kinda lazily slowed down.


It’s weird, in a way the car is done now...runs and drives mint, doesn’t really need anything else to be enjoyable. Now I can just do little things to improve it here and there, but mostly it’s now a fun car that I have that works as intended, which is really rare thing for me.

Which I guess makes it the perfect time to go buy that junk red ‘91.

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