This is my last week of funemployment and ive been feeling like a kid trying to squeeze the last drops of summer before returning to school.

So any ways, a little show n tell.

I smoked my first hog on sunday! I learned a lot this round but the meat was amazingly cooked all the same! Its was amazing! I hadn’t planned, or prepped the responsibility was thrust in me last moment and I think did really well for a first timer using some one else’s cheap small smoker.

Mmm, it was moist and tender!

Next year ill have to do one my self on my terms. Soo many things Id do differently, like at least plan ahead.


Then to round out the week I planned in last all day fishing adventure blow out. Woke up at 5am and was on the water by 6.

First cast landed a 2 pound small mouth in under 2 minutes. The rest of the day was followed by 24 2 and 3 pound small mouth and 3 3 to 4 pound drum.


I’ll spare you the other 23.
Drum, sheepsgead, croaked, they have a gead full of rocks but a good fight.

As for the Tell, Im starting Monday as a IT logistics supervisor. Should be fun! Hope all is well with you all.