I've been sick. Should I wörk on my car?

The 944 must run this weekend. Must. Otherwise, I need to either scramble or start looking at back-up options. Problem is, I've been sick this week.

I can finally breathe out of my face this afternoon, but I've got the telltale signs of being out of commission all week: sore throat, hoarse voice and some kind of uncontrollable pho craving goin' on. Yesterday through this morning, I was in snotty, dribbly misery, and really needed one of those hanging tree sap buckets to catch what was oozing out of my schnoz.


It's in the low 60s today, though, so otherwise, it's the perfect day for whacking a 944 with a hammer. But how soon is too soon to resume un-snot-covered activity after a sick week?

So, options:

1. Wörk as usual, albeit maybe with an extra layer of warmth on. Try to put the brake calipers on, get the airbox tied down, and start checking the engine bay for anything that looks undone.


2. Some light wörk. Pick up new battery and drop it off by the car, see how to plug my open return line for the HVAC system that's been removed, check and see if my spark plug wires were put on correctly (I think I might be missing the little rubber dust shields at the bottom), measure vinyl sizes and GO HOME EARLY.

3. Nö wörky wörky. Töö söön, juniör. Get some pho (...phö?) and take a nap.

I'm leaning towards #2. Thoughts? And if #3 really is the best bet, when can I safely go reassemble all the things?

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