I’ve been looking forward to going on a night drive in the Fiat all day today. It’s above freezing, dry, and I’ve not had anything to drink, so I figured why not do it, may be one of the last opportunities this year. So a few minutes ago I went down to the CLK to drive it to the garage I keep the Fiat in, and by that point I was already flippin tired from a busy day. I start up the car, turn on the lights, and pop, a ‘yo, a bulb’s out’ light appears. I figured it’s one of the rears since they do need a little smack occassionally (and they’re all doubled anyway so it wouldn’t be a big deal if one just burnt out), but no, it’s one of the fronts. :( And I’m all out of replacement H7’s because I’ve replaced both headlight bulbs like 3 weeks ago. I didn’t have enough resolve to drive to a petrol station to get new bulbs (while risking a ticket), so I just went back home to do a little bitching on the internet and then go to bed. :(