So I drive over 35k miles a year, and one way I keep myself entertained is just to look at the millions of cars around me on the road. Without just googling everything and removing the sport of solving the puzzle of Mercedes and BMW models, I think I have a poor idea of what’s going on. But I give up and just want answers now.

A 335i is a 3-series with a 3.X inline 6 and a sedan. If you add an x, it has x drive which is just their brand tag for all wheel drive. The i means it’s gas not diesel. Otherwise it would be a 335d. Right?

A 328i is a 3-series 4 cylinder as a “coupe?” My neighbor has a 328ic, I assume at the time the C meant 2-door coupe. I used to think it meant convertible only...

What still throws me off is like a 750iL. It’s a 7-series with a 5.X I assume V8 or larger engine, long wheelbase... but what does the zero mean? Grand tourer? Something pertaining to the type of body style like the others do, I assume.

I saw an old 318i last week. Which was obvious I thought: coupe, smaller 4 cylinder, 3 series.

The X series were supposed to be all wheel drive SUVs... 1 was a wagon, 3 was like a smaller SUV, 5 is the flagship big SUVs, 4 is some... thing. And the 6 is the horrendous Honda Crosstour looking thing.


On to Mercedes. The letters pertains to the body style or platform, whatever it’s called, and the numbers have some vague meaning. I am not much closer on this.

If it had only 2 digits, it’s an AMG. What bothers me is any AMG with the 6.2 biturbo engine is tagged with 63. Why is this? What’s the significance of the three? And then there’s a G65? Is the engine slightly bigger or is it just a fancier G63? Did the ML 43 AMG have a 4.2 liter V8?

An S550 has a smaller engine than the S600 I think.

A C230 is a C class with a 2.3 4 cylinder engine. The C300 has 6 cylinders. (?)

An SLK is a slick (heheh) sporty car that only seats 2. I don’t know what the difference is compared to an SL.... unless K means convertible.


GLA vs GLK... not so sure. I assume the A means smaller crossover thingies.

4Matic means all wheel drive. I guess. BlueTec means... I really don’t know.

Help me. Please help