I went out yesterday afternoon to straighten up my car hole, as I’ve got lots of little stuff to clean up from a dozen different projects recently. Upon going out the 8-foot lights overhead failed to light up, so I took a quick drive to Lowe’s and bought a couple of new ones. I even splurged for the plastic protector tubes to go around them. This started the trip down the rabbit hole.

Once I got home and put the new tubes in, I decided I should finally open up the three junction boxes in the garage ceiling and see if they held switched wires like I thought they did. Doing so confirmed three junction boxes wired up to the switch that controls the ceiling fan. Their placement is weird, but the previous owner had a work bench setup in that corner, which might explain the location.


I had a leftover light fixture from last year’s houselopnik projects, so I wired it up. Impressed with my newfound light, a return trip to Lowe’s was in order to pickup a couple more matching, and cheap, fixtures and 100 watt equivalent LED bulbs.

I never did get around to cleaning up my mess on the shelves, but I continued the trip down the rabbit hole by ordering the set of 6, 4-foot LED tube lights that had been in Amazon cart for the last year. I’ll probably put those up some evening this week. I imagine I’ll pickup a light kit for that ceiling fan while I’m at it the next time I stop by Lowe’s. I’d normally say there’s no done like overdone, but I’m firmly in the camp of there being no such thing as too much light in a garage.


I’m looking forward to nighttime Svending this summer, which is about the only time temperature wise that it’s pleasant to do during the six-months it’s hotter-than-balls in Southern NM.

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