I've bought a thing

1985 RX7 set up for Spec RX7. Grabbed it for a song along with a trailer that just needs a touch of work and should be able to be flipped.


Car sat for about 10 years, so we’ve got some work to do to revive it, but it’s in really great shape otherwise. Needs a new transmission, but came with a spare. Had a small incident in its very last race that mangled some bodywork on the front, but it all looks like it’ll bolt back up just fine.

SpexRX7 is a NASA class that doesn’t have any national support but has some strong regional running groups, particularly here in Texas and also in California. Mostly stock FB RX7s running on shaved Toyo Proxes RA1s. Hopped up carbs and exhaust, stock brakes, and plain jane suspension upgrades. Super excited to get going. Went halfsies on it with a buddy who is a pretty quick shoe in a kart, we should have a lot of fun.

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