I've bought myself a project

Part of my stereo system is a borrowed Dynaco ST70, so I’ve been keeping my eye out for one of my own in case my friend wants his back at some point. The problem was, ST70s are quite expensive, and I’ve never seen another really early one with the best transformers. Until today, I just snagged this one for $260, which might seem like a lot for an amp that doesn’t even have tubes, but that’s less than just these transformers usually sell for. The front looks a bit hack with the volume knob and moved input jacks, but it’ll work. It has a different board on it that I believe takes two 6sn7s and one 12ax7, but I need to find info on it to be sure. If it’s a custom job, I’m not sure what my plan is. Finding good EL34 power tubes for a reasonable price might be hard too, but before I try that I’ll be testing it with the power tubes from the other ST70 to make sure it even works.


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