And it was about time I did, it was down right filthy.

Maybe you could even call it a light Svending, since I cleaned every nook and cranny, though I’m nowhere as skilled as Svend.

Anyhow, some before pictures:

Because it was raining I chose to wash it in a washbox nearby, however that meant I was limited to using the settings of the presurewasher, which doesn’t really include a good soap or foam setting. Also I hate the fact that these washboxes are mainly used by people cleaning their mountainbikes and motocross bikes, making the washbox a mudpit.


Anyhow, it cleaned up nicely, and now it is a whole different white. I did find some new scratches, but I’ve learned to accept them as long as their not too obvious.

Afterwards I drove by my work, just around the corner from the washboxes, for a few pictures: