Earlier this week, as I was doing homework at my desk with my music playing from my iHome, I came to a conclusion. One of my friends brought up a very good question recently: what’s the best song of the past decade? I’ve given it some good thought for the past two weeks or so. I really like The Weeknd’s songs like “Starboy”, “The Hills”, “Can’t Feel My Face”, and “In the Night.” As I was doing my work, one song started playing: “Someone Like You” by Adele. I know that I constantly share 80's music, but I also like modern music a lot. If there’s any recent song that makes me feel nostalgic, it’s this one. I can’t believe it’s already six years old. Time flew by. Every time I hear it, I’m transported back to the summer between seventh and eighth grade, when this song came out. I can’t help but sing along every time I hear it. It just sounds so nice. I can’t really explain why, but it sounds so much better than almost anything else. I love “Rolling in the Deep”, but “Someone Like You” just sounds perfect.