I've decided on the new tires for my trusty Fusion. UPDATE: Tires are now ordered.

As some of you may know my current tires are TOAST. I’ve been shopping around a bit for tires and I think I’ve found the next set.

BF Goodrich G Force Comp 2 A/S


I was initially wanting Nokian WRG3 All weather tires but since you can only get them from one place in Canada(Kal-Tire) they are quite pricey. I was looking at $1234.78 installed.

I thought to myself “man that’s a little steep” so I checked Costco since their prices are usually unbeatable and there they were. $209.99/tire with an instant $50 rebate on a set of 4. Four tires installed comes in at $909.25 a WHOPPING $325.53 less than the Nokians.

I’ve read the reviews on the BF Goodrich and they are overwhelmingly positive. So I’m pretty sure these are the ones I’ll end up going with.

UPDATE: I’ve just ordered these tires and should have them on in the next few days.


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