I've decided to maybe drive to Chile in 12 months, help me.

This would be my first expedition kinda thing and we are taking my Range Rover, a friend’s Mini Cooper S and another friend’s Turbo’d Honda Civic. The details are after the jump but what should I take with me? What are the necessary supplies? Do I need extra tires? Will my Range break down or the Mini will overheat first?


The total trip will take 83 hours if we drive non-stop (which we won’t, because we want to know the cities and take in the scenery) and is 4225 miles long. We will drive through the main highways but taking some side roads is something we can’t avoid. Driving through the Andes will also be quite a challenge.

Planing is still at 5% so nothing is completely and truly set in stone and we have one year to get everything done. So any tips?

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