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I've done a thing

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had started making my old racecar presentable again. I started off by painting the trim, on the car. As much as it went against my initial thought to remove the trim for painting, I considered the likelihood of breaking brittle 30 year old plastic clips that hold it all on, and I considered the fact that only one of the three types of clips I would be likely to break are easily available. My better judgement told to just leave it on the car, especially since this is an old racecar. Some self-etching primer and a few coats of enamel black later, some parts of the trim that hadn’t been black since the mid 90's were black again.

It made the car look a lot better, so like everything else on getting the car going again, I took things way further than I initially planned to. Before I knew it I was removing the cracked and peel remains of all the numbers and decals and scuffing the faded original paint with 320 grit. I managed to find a new hood for the car, which was no small task. This morning I broke out the old spray gun that I had not used in over 10 years and shot the car with urethane primer. This is new look for the car.


After I sand this stuff and wipe it down, I decided to go with a single stage urethane topcoat in the original R-63 Honda Rio Red. Being a racecar, a 50 foot paint job will be more than adequate. My goal is end up with a 10 foot paint job. So long as it sticks to the car, I’m sure it will be a vast improvement over the original red paint from 1988 that had faded to an “ask me about Mary Kay products” color.

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