I've done it again...

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Unable to resist a good deal, I’ve purchased another 27" monitor, this time an HP HC271p, a device that lists for $849 but often sells for more. I have a few that 27 inch monitors that I use on a daily basis, but they’re only 1920X1080 and I’ve wanted something with a higher resolution. This one is meant for the medical industry, does not have a stand, and has a resolution of 2560 x 1440. I prefer a 16:10 display, but for $159 I can learn to live with 16:9. The closest thing I could find at this price is a Vseven (who?) monitor for $225. This one is probably better built that the typical consumer grade part, and that makes me feel a little better.


I do have a 27" on a VESA mount, and can probably use it there. Or perhaps I’ll check my piles of junk and see if I have a stand that I can use to make this my primary monitor. It won’t make my folding any faster, but will probably give the ol’ GTX 1080 a bit of a workout. OK, the refresh rate isn’t going to impress the gaming community, but that doesn’t matter much to me.

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