I've Driven a Thing

A friend has always wanted a Viper, and he will soon be able to afford one.

So I rented one on Turo to tease him with. 1994 RT/10 roadster with the OG 3-spoke alloys and no safety devices beyond seat belts. No ABS (in fact, the brakes felt rather weak), no airbags. It did have power steering. Odo read 50k miles.

We had the roof off and the detachable windows detached—the mechanism is hilariously crude, just insert into two slots on the window sill. The Targa top was also an afterthought; it did not mount flush with any bodywork.


The pedals are severely offset to the left, so I slammed the brake instead of the clutch once.

I think it handles more responsively than my F355, but the inadequate brakes are quite scary.

The torque is everywhere. Unlike my car which is lifeless below 4000 RPM, this thing feels like it could step out at any moment with a careless right foot.

Friend was impressed, so I’d call that a success. We had the car for about two hours.

This is the original pre-1996 bumper style. Compared to the 1996-2002 style, this is blunter with a wider intake.
A pure, beautiful steering wheel and a dashboard completely done in hard plastic. There is no trim on that A-pillar. Just painted metal.
That’s right, a pull-switch for headlamps straight out of the 1980s!

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