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So I went to look at and drive this Mazda. I looked under the front and it looked rust free. I believe it achieved this by coating itself in oil. The front subframe was coated in something. I looked at the rear suspension and I think I got tetanus. I’m pretty sure any work done to the back would require cutting. The exterior has some bumps and bruises, but no big deal.

I was willing to over look all these because it was such a beautiful car and the interior was so clean. There was even sub in the spare tire!


I took it for a drive. It felt solid and smooth. The steering was heavier than I expected. At some point the CEL came on. When I returned to the dealership i was talking to the guy telling him the CEL came on. He said that it could be something as simple as the gas cap not being tight and he’d pull the codes. Then I look back at the car and see smoke coming out of the passenger side of the engine compartment. I turn to the guy and say, “Well ... that’s not confidence inspiring.” and hand him back the keys.

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