I've Figured Out Midwestern Winter Drivers!

I was watching Rally Sweden this weekend... (anyone else trying out WRC All Live???). They commented several times that when they have a good solid ice base, the studded tires work better the harder the drivers push. Especially in braking performance. The harder you brake, the harder the studs dig into the ice. One of the drivers said it’s almost like driving a downforce dependent road car... the faster you’re going the more grip you have.

As I watched the news this morning with reports of accidents from all over the KC Metro area, I figured it out! The people around here must think the same logic applies to all season tires! Brake harder, turn later, accelerate faster and your tires will have more bite.


Now If I could only find a source for four inch wide wheels for my Forester XT so I could run those trick Mickey Mouse spare winter rally tires.

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