What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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My takeaway: The factory pulley is pressed on and is an absolute pain to get off, I was able to carefully (as in my dad did it) drill two holes in it diagonally and then cut across them so I could hammer it apart. I didn’t use one of those fancy pulley tools because 1. the cost and 2. that involves removing the right side engine mount and jacking the engine up. I was able to do everything by just removing the fender liner and the belt tensioner, but I’m also a bit of a contortionist. Also even if you use a pulley tool you’ll most likely damage the factory pulley so allow yourself enough time to finish the entire job because it took me about 7 work hours to do this. But it’s so worth the pain, every aspect of the car is turned up with this mod, the new low-end torque allows you to roll off the clutch without the gas, the once muted supercharger now sounds like a ‘roided out squirrel is destroying his neighbors house with a chainsaw. Sure the torque steer is way worse and the supercharger is gonna heat-soak way easier now but none of that matters because the NOISE.


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