I'm calling on PatBateman for help here.

The time has come for me to be kicked out of driving my parents cars, and to move on to my own car. Good news!

But also bad news, because I have way too many ideas that I need to narrow down. I have a decent amount of money to play with so this should make things interesting. The things I'm looking for

-Preferably manual, but not necessarily required

-AWD (yes, I know. I'm an idiot but idiots don't change their minds.)

-I don't care about gas

-Newish. ~at least 2008?

-Fun? Is that a thing?


-Under 43k


So, what have I come up with so far? (not in any sort of order)

-B8 Audi Allroad

-Used Audi B8 S4

-B7 RS4 (a man can dream)

-Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

-VW Golf R (Mk8)

-BMW M235ix

-BMW 335ix