I've Got A 2015 GLA For A Few Days, What Do You Want To Know?

It's Friday, it's my birthday and I've got a 2015 Mercedes Benz space pod with a full tank of gas.

Much has been said about the GLA on this site, from Hardigree's declaration of the vehicle's and his own stupidity, to DeMuro's breakdown of how Mercedes and BMW are tricking people into buying station wagons, to a multitude of comments declaring the GLA either the greatest thing since season 9 of The Simpsons or the worst thing since the LOST episode, "Stranger In A Strange Land".


Why the fuck would you have Bai Ling guest star on LOST? Why?!

Anyway, this particular GLA is a base model, no HID headlights, no heated seats, no NAV, no backup camera and no panoramic sunroof. Pretty barebones for a new car in 2015 if you ask me.

It does have is a peppy little turbocharged 4 banger good for 208hp and impressing people who have never been in a turbocharged vehicle before. Its also got a keypad on the dash for old people who want to take their eyes off the road to make a phone call, paddle shifters from a Logitech G27 gaming wheel and more blind spots than the Falcons' secondary.

Despite all of this, I like it so far, its been fun driving it around town. It's comfortable, has a nice sound system and seems to attract attention from the right kind of people, attractive women.


I'm planning to take it up to the mountains this weekend and see just how capable it is off road and in the snow. Hoping there's enough white stuff still on the ground so I can do some donuts in it or at least get a little sideways because I didn't get nearly enough of that during my holiday.

Mercedes wants the GLA to be seen as a little adventure mobile for us young 'uns so I'll be sure to report on how many beards and cool hats it can safely carry. Don't worry though, if you're older and in the market for a lifted hatchback I'll be sure to not overall fuel economy and how many packs of Zantac fit in the center armrest.


So aside from all of that, what do you people want to know about the 2015 GLA 250?

Andrew Maness writes about cars because he has one and also has a computer. He's been known to drunkenly Tweet as @thisnicelife and upload photos to @theroadlessdriven. He also has a YouTube Channel and thinks talking about himself in the 3rd person is really weird but knows it's necessary if he wants to be taken seriously as an automotive journalist.


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