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I've Got A Bright Idea

I’ll buy some aftermarket HIDs for my GTI. Then I can have those cool LED U-shapes like all the cool kids.

Except now my low-beams don’t work and I have check bulb warning lights on my dash.


I had the shop I’ve taken my cars to for years now install them and I trust they installed them correctly as the kit is fairly idiot-proof.

The kit came with an in-line resistor and the (very highly regarded and reputable) seller suggested removing that adapter from the circuit. The shop tried that this morning and it did not change anything. (They did only try it on one light, but the lights should be separate circuits so I fail to see how the car would need both resistors removed.)


The only thing I changed after we tested the lights at the shop, was to set the sensitivity for the auto-light function from early to middle.

I’m inclined to think it’s a bad ballast or ignitor, but I haven’t heard back from the seller yet. I am also being vague as I do not want to cause unnecessary drama when this could be easily resolved.

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