And that problem is too many wheels! I guess it’s time to start building some wheel furniture now that I own 4 sets of Miata wheels. I am trying to get rid of the winter set and the one with the very worn hoosiers. That will be bring me back down to a sane 2 sets of wheels.


I really don’t know how “done” these are. I am assuming they are very worn after 60+ runs last season on these that had already completed all of their heat cycles in Spec Miata and were trash. I had very much fun with them so maybe someone will find use for them.

But anyways, it’s nice to have my summer wheels/tires back on the car to enjoy the changing of the season. Although there were some 80 degree days like a month ago in Feburary, it will eventually get nice and warm out here in NJ.


And now I have new meat to test out at an Autocross tomorrow! Basically brand new tires on brand new wheels. They had gone through one event which consisted of 3 runs. Wheels are super mint, can’t even tell they were used for some light summer driving.


Plus they are pretty lightweight which is nice. I might actually keep these when I move to California. Depends on how much it costs to ship them across the country though!