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Unusual for my work-trip rentals to be worth bringing up here, but this is Oppo so a Volvo makes sense.


Initial impressions: Feels very well put together. Has adequate power. Steering is numb but not overly light; it’s fairly quick. Brakes are good but load up weird (they’re not grabby but after some percentage of pedal travel suddenly they’re ON).

You’ve got about a day to ask me any burning questions you may have about this car that I can reasonably answer in the same time frame.

Edit: Here’s some Things worthy of noting:

  • There’s a button that makes the rear headrests go limp and flop forward, which does make it easier to see out the back I guess. There is not a button to undo this that I’ve found
  • It resets to “normal” driving mode when you turn it off, even if you leave it in “dynamic” (which makes it shift later is about it, as far as I can tell)
  • There is a button on the inside of the trunk lid which makes it lock the doors when you shut the trunk
  • Instead of pushing a button to start it, you turn a little knob about 1/8 turn clockwise (it’s in the center console). I am disappointed that to turn it off, you turn it the same way (I want to turn it the other way!)
  • It does not want to launch

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