Some idiot designed a corvette that was an inflation adjusted 63K car that doesn’t have a buzzer for when the lights are left on. Some other idiot left those running lights on when I got to work this morning. Fast forward to lunch time, and I notice the proximity keyless entry doesn’t unlock the door when I walk up. I soon found out why.

It turns out that we do have a jump start box for our university vehicle, but it is a decidedly smaller one. Even after letting it fully charge, it isn’t quite enough to turn over 5.7L of good compression. I’ll be having a co-worker jump me this evening, which might not be tremendous amounts of fun. Given the location of the battery on the corvette and my not-tremendously long set of jumper cables in the car, I’ll probably have to push the car out it’s parking spot to allow a co-worker’s car to assume the position.

Bitching is now over. I’ll get back to work.