Meanwhile, I’ve been filming some stuff for the reboot of my YouTube channel, here are some screenshots! FSX stuff will really only be one part of it.

Dassault Mercure gear collapse on very hard landing at Lukla. This is one of the very few freeware aircraft out there that actually has physics that allow the undercarriage to fail without the sim giving the “Crashed!” message.

I reset the aircraft and attempted a takeoff...*sigh*


De Havilland Comet 4 climbing out of Chicago.

I usually set a few random items to fail before taking off. Sure, it’s not so realistic, but I like the challenge of finding out what broke. This time, it was a fuel leak (which in FSX your entire fuel load will instantly disappear...because reasons). Aiming for a nice road to touch down on...


A calm night flight through the Himalayas in a Falcon 50


Back to the Mercure, look at this adorable Ram Air Turbine!


Now that life has settled, I’ll be adding X-Plane 11 to the gaming PC as well as Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 4. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

I had Project Cars for PC for a while...and while it was pretty, the game was absolutely unplayable. I spun out if I even dared to look at the accelerator the wrong way even in slow cars that can barely move under their own power. I heard PC2 fixes that.

Also, what’s a really realistic train sim?

I had Train Simulator on it (surprise, I really like trains, too) but I felt the sim experience was sort of ruined by the small-ish maps and the DLC that Dovetail seemed oh so eager to shove down your throat. It seems less “sim” and more “shovelware to sell DLC”. :/


Plus, unlike Microsoft Train Simulator (built similar to FSX in a lot of ways), addons like custom locos, consists, and rolling stock are much harder to build and install. Unfortunately, Microsoft Train Simulator is nearly 20 years old, surely there has to be something better out there. I genuinely enjoyed doing 500 miles in one night in MSTS and to date, nothing has matched that experience.