Enjoyed some Le Mans and will be up early to watch the finish. Thought about life in a few years, mainly what I’d like in my driveway. Here’s what I’ve got.

DD: I plan to hold onto the Dart for a bit after it is payed off, maybe trade in for a V8 Charger with the new design if I want something larger or an SRT Dart if it happens. Not the Hellcat obviously but I would prefer it in white, or dark blue if I couldn’t get white.


For a second car I’d have a few things I’d wanna have through the years as either the fun car or could be a DD in some cases.

First choice, a 3rd gen WRX STI hatch (alternately a Legacy GT sedan or wagon which I also love to bits) would be in the top slot at the moment for pure versatility and fun I could have with it. I like the 3rd gen the most, especially the hatch because dat ass and tail lights. It is practical and still a total hoon machine that I could play with and mod without too much worry for fucking it up. It or an LGT could share DD duties if I kept the Dart. These are the most likely to happen, especially if I could find a LGT wagon and swap in a WRX manual.


Second choice would be a stripped out and built Neon SRT (see my weakness for small cars and Dodges?) for the pure insanity and fun it would be. Who wouldn’t want a small sleeper that could slay the big guys? Basically anything that I could buy cheap and make it insane.


Third choice is just some kind of project car like an old Chevy, Pontiac, or Plymouth/Dodge. Something fun to wrench on and cruise in.

If you could have any two cars, what would you choose Oppo?