I went to the HP headquarters, I saw this awesome Land Cruiser with NV plates and lots of Australia stickers on it. At HP there are many buildings but I was called to the main fancy building, that is apparently built 20% stronger than code, I had a 4am start time,. In any case they are building some kind of crazy room with screens and a huge room full of servers and such is next door. I guess the company I went with, Zenith L N does most of their big booths at shows and wanted them to make this fancy room. So I was called to put in a ridiculously strong sliding door (security?) that hangs from a huge steel beam, that we had to drill through..... don’t ask..... 15 bits later.... Then we had a few smaller motorized tracks that take big screens out of sight inside walls. So I had to mount those too. The whole room was jacked up with scaffolding and covered with wood so we could work up high. This is just phase 1, I think I have to go back in a month. He said the floor is scheduled for a 12 day install... no cost cutting here. You can’t go through any doorways without a key card so I didn’t start snapping pictures everywhere.