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I've had it up to here with my roof

Ok, Oppo, I need your collective wisdom. You may remember my roofing saga from last week, if not, read here.

Well, it took them the whole week to get it done, but they did get it done. I inspected the work as best I could, and it looks mostly right, except a couple of spots I need to have the supervisor look at before I sign the work completion form. That said, the crew wasn’t exactly “careful” with my property, and I’m not sure how to broach the subject with the company. Here’s a quick summary:

They threw the old stuff off the roof, or rather slid it down, and damaged at least one of my screens, and crushed most of my landscaping.


This is after they cleared the material off the plants, they were almost completely covered.


And they bent up a bunch of my gutters. I mean, the screen is getting replaced (still not an excuse to slash it) and the plants will likely recover, but the gutters are all bent to hell. Here’s one shot:


This is one of the least offensive crumples. What the hell, guys. Not only that, but the crew didn’t even try to say anything about the damages. They just cleaned up and left. Well, mostly cleaned up. Now, I got smarter after my first contractor job many years ago, and I’ve only paid them half my deductible, with the insurance payout still in my bank, along with the other half. Now, I’m no expert, but I feel like maybe they shouldn’t have left the property in worse condition then when they left it?

Any advice, Opponoughts?

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