What a day today... Went to get some food with a friend tonight and took the Expedition thinking it would be smooth sailing. 5 minutes later the front driver’s side tire decides to give up the ghost with a hole on the inner sidewall. Called AAA because I didn’t want to have to deal with it and figured I’d just tow it to my usual tire shop and get it looked at in the morning. Well I guess because of the weather or some other reason there were no flatbed trucks available. Lucky for me there is a full size spare in the back. Swap the tire, drive to the shop and get a ride back to my place. Then I hopped in the BMW and thankfully that car held it’s own. It gives a good balance of control and hoonability. The only places open ended up being Chinese restaurants which suited me just fine. With today finally over I think I have had enough snow. I’m ready for some sun and free time to work on the Mustang.