I've had my Juke an year (as of 2 days ago).

I don’t regret it one but, I love every second of it. It’s that car that made me an enthusiast. I love how it handles, how drives, when it comes on boost, & lots more. Now to the fun numbers.

The first photo I took of it.

KM’s traveled: 35,146kms/21,839miles.

Here is how much it cost me.

Fuel: $3,132.13 (71 fill ups)


Oil changes- $349.93

Tires - $400

Parts - $207.82

Mods - $993.26

Other - $255.00

Total - $2,206.01

Total financed amount:

- $18,829.80

- 11 payments ($313.83) $3,452.13

Total Cost to own in first year: $8,790.27

(Not including insurance)

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