I made my first ownership update a couple of days after I got it. Back then I started with fuel economy, so that’s where I’ll start.

Since I’ve been out of high school, I haven’t really had a daily driver. I didn’t have a car on campus in college, my sister had my explorer. Once I graduated, I had 9 months at home before my job started. Once my job started, I was in the oil field for 6 days at a time then home for 3 days. Then I got laid off and spent 11 months unemployed. Now that I have a job with a normal schedule, I drive everyday to work. In fact it’s about a 74 mile round trip, meaning I do a lot of driving. Meaning that I care about fuel economy. I decided to document my costs related to this car so I can see how much it costs me to drive it.

So I’ve been keeping my receipts and decided to see exactly what kind of mileage I’ve been getting.


As you can see from these data, I’ve averaged 26 MPG while I’ve had the car. This is pretty decent considering the car is rated at 18 city and 28 highway. It is also about what I got in my 128i. I’m going to keep tracking the mileage and I will see if it changes. It seems to get slightly mileage if I hold gears a little longer and get up to speed faster. Regardless, it’s better than the M3 could ever hope to attain.

I’m about as pleased as I could be with fuel economy, but there is one thing that really annoys me about the car: the lack of a sync button. I’ve complained about this before, but now I DD a car without one.

This is when we start nerding out on the BMW E9X.

So for those of you who don’t know, the E90 was released in 2005 MY and the E92 was released in the 2007 MY. BMW likes to do Life Cycle Impulse (LCI) about half way thorough a model’s life. This happened in 2009 MY for the E90, the E92 would have to wait until the 2011 MY. As a result, my E92 is a pre-LCI E92. I should point out that all 2009 E9Xs got the new iDrive, regardless of whether or not they got a facelift.


Here we see the M3's HVAC controls. As you can see, it’s has a button labeled “ALL.” Press it and the driver and passanger temperatures are synced.

Now in the 3, we see the lack of that button.


It’s not that big of a deal, it’s just annoying. Why isn’t there a button to sync the two temps? I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact that they had one in the E90 and they did away with it in the F3X, or they didn’t think to initially put it in the E9X.

Other than that, there isn’t too much else to report on. I did put some black kidneys in.


I thought the chrome on the silver didn’t look very good, and the black kidneys rectified that.

It just rolled over 42k and once it gets to 45k I’m going to get most of the fluids changed. I want to make sure I get the gearbox and diff oil changed. I also want to know exactly when the oil was changed, and start a regular change schedule, I’m thinking with as much highway driving as I do 10k should be alright.

I would also like to point out that I took someone’s weekend car and turned it into a DD. At least I assume it was a weekend car, one owner and only 40k miles on it.


Here is the BMW data:

The USB/Aux input is still broken. I haven’t looked into it yet. I’ve put music on the internal hard drive, and that’s become my viable short term solution. I’ll try to look into it soon, hopefully it’s a simple fix.