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I've Had to Aim Lower

Like a lot lower. A few weeks ago I was talking about buying a very unfortunate Buick Grand National, but I just can’t tie up that money right now. I thought briefly about not buying any car, but I don’t like that idea at all. I do, however, need to spend less money on a project. Like way less. Like 15/16ths less.

So I found this.


If you’re on Oppo, you know what it is. It’s an ‘89, it’s gone about 140k miles, it’s a turbo/5 speed, and it has no spark. And it’s asking $450. I’m thinking more like $250, which is a price that, if I needed to scrap it, I’d be out maybe $50.

Honestly, I just want something to put in the garage and buy the occasional part for. Get some fender flares and steelies like I was going to do for the Barelycuda, turn the boost way up, grenade the motor...you know, fun stuff.

I'll check it out this weekend if I've got time. If it's cheap enough I'll buy it.

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