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I've heard some crazy s**t lately.... [politics, I guess, whatever]

But this might just take the cake.

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This is a post from Cynthia Brehm, the GOP chair in Bexar County, which includes San Antonio. I had to go look up MKUltra, but it was a secret CIA program that ran from 1953-1973 that used all sorts of drugs, torture, abuse, etc. to influence people to act in a certain way and be subject to CIA control. So I think that what she is saying is that the whole George Floyd thing was some sort of Order 66/Manchurian Candidate thing, and the cop was “activated” to kill Floyd on camera in a staged incident to incite black people against Trump and influence the election because because African Americans had started supporting Trump.


And here, I thought all we had to worry about was the fluoride.

Thankfully, Gov. Abbott has called for her immediate resignation, and other GOP officials are doing the same.


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