I've killed my computer

Well, I don’t think it was anything I did, I mean how do you enduce motherboard failure? The bright side is that the me of 3 years ago bought a 3 year warranty that is coming in handy now. My school is a Dell campus so our tech support center has certified techs, should be back to me by the end of the week, no cost to me.

In the meantime I have my Surface Book, which is great at almost everything I do besides solar car work. I can barley run stress analysis in Solid works and Flow analysis is unbearably slow.  


We’re running out of time to be doing this stuff. We have good enough computers in the lab we use, but things are getting down to the wire. I’ll be going an hour away to Morganton on Monday to consult with an aerospace composites company and start making the molds for the car, and later building it in 3 sections out of carbon fiber over the next few months.

What a time to be alive.

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