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I've Lost Interest In New Cars

I used to love to read Car and Driver and any online information I could get on new cars. Now I feel like I am never going to be able to buy a new car. I also feel like new cars are all about the “newest tech” and best advertisement not the best car. F*ck I feel like I am in debt slavery. I am paying my cosigned student loans. My dad could afford the student loans he cosigned, but mom cannot afford the student loans she cosigned. My mother is now disabled due to medical problems. I browse ctaigalist in the hopes I can replace my current car when it goes kaput. Also, my marriage is horrible. I wonder if I made the right choices while also thinking God does not approve of divorce but he is forgiving of all. Sorry I needed a place to complain, and Facebook would not be a good place.

I am f*cking drunk which I also think God does not approve of. Here is my favorite car for your time.

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