I was raised by hippies—collective living, Woodstock attending, world hitchhiking hippies. As such, I didn’t have a TV, let alone a game console growing up. It melts your brain, apparently.

I’ve stayed unplugged as I’ve gotten older, because I have an internet connection for content, and never really had the chance to get into gaming. Now and then I’ll end up with a controller in my hands at a friends house, but because of a lack of funds I’ve never gone out and bought a console. Also, I suck spectacularly at first person shooters and the like, so that’s discouraging. After avoiding if for so long, I was in Target and noticed that the Xbone demo stand was running Fiveza. I played through one race, in a P1.

Oh god oppo, the want.


Ohhh the want.

It’s so strong.


I want all of the Forzas. And I want a wheel.