My 2006 Viper.

Disclaimer:I’m reposting this one more time mostly because I put it up at an odd time last month and secondly there are some better shots.

In early January I had my first flight in a Growler. As we took off, the pilot asked about feeling the acceleration for the first time. I said it was impressive, but my old Viper was no slouch either. “I wonder how they would stack up”, I thought to myself.

We carried on with our flight and landed at our halfway airfield to refuel. On final, tower said we may be recorded. My pilot and I were curious what they meant.When I spotted it on final I said out loud, “there on the left a 2016 Viper ACR with a camera crew”. I was ecstatic during the fueling pits, less to the amusement of my pilot, but I can’t get over my love for Vipers. Post refuel we were taxiing, and I saw the Viper lined up in the hold short on one of the parallel runways.


We rolled past as a light division, with myself in the third jet, heading to the farther runway. Tower cleared us for takeoff. I look over. The Viper has not moved. The first jet takes off. The Viper moves forward to line up with us on their respective runway. I start to get giddy hoping to watch him go with -2 as the next jet launches. The snake remained still. I said over the ICS, “He is going to launch with us.”

A quick side note. Throughout my training with the Navy I’ve been taught some important career saving lessons. One of those lessons popped into my head, be professional, do your job correctly and don’t compromise safety and civilians will be impressed. You do not need to put on a show because our jobs are cool enough. We then executed our standard pre takeoff checks and comm procedures and began to light up the cans.

I watched the Viper smoke the tires and roll with us as we released the brakes. He kept up with us for the first 1,000 feet of runway until about 100 knots (115 mph). Then we launched past him. I took a few pictures during the event because I could not believe what just happened. As we flew up and away I looked back at the airfield and wondered if they knew they knew how much of a dream it was for me.


When we landed we found out it was a Top Gear episode filming. We were the lucky crew that got picked for the shots. I wanted to wait until the episode was released or a teaser came out before I put anything out on the internet. The trailer above is out so I think it is safe to write about it. The shots are at :07 and :15. Here are some pictures, and my old Viper for your time.