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I've mended something!

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I didn’t intend to do more than one post about doing things to my car on lunchbreak, but hey, 50 year old cars have other plans. Maybe this will be a thing. So the Fairlane picked up a misfire under acceleration on the way in this morning, so I used my lunch break to have a look. Found a couple of fouled plugs, cleaned the electrodes, reset the plug and point gap, fired it up and it’s like buttah. It now idles smooth as silk denim and runs as hard as a stock 50 year old Ford 200 can run. It does mean that cylinders 3 and (to a lesser extent) 5 are passing a bit of oil, but considering that it doesn’t smoke and I’ve now put a few thousand miles on it without trouble, this is ok. I even had a couple of extra minutes to wipe down the engine compartment and dust the car off. Considering all the other things going on in life, this counts as a solid achievement in my world.


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