I am 11,000% sure that my problem was fixed when I noticed that one of the bolts holding on my IAC valve was stripped. I went to Lowe’s, found a different bolt of the same width, but longer, got some nuts for it, screwed it in until I couldn’t twist it anymore, and now... Well, I let the car idle in park. It’s a significantly lower idle than I’m used to, but it’s constant. And earlier today, it would start doing that weird thing (see my previous post’s video) after about 3 minutes of idling. This time, I had it idling in my driveway for 20 minutes and nothing unusual happened. I just got back from a test drive and everything seems perfectly okay.

As such, I went ahead and slapped on my rallycross numbers for tomorrow, and I’m heading down there for it! Super excited!

Now, my next task will be getting the thing out from under my 0 key. Stupid Toshiba not giving me removable keys. This should not be more difficult than fixing my car, and yet it is.