I fixed my seat! The seat back has been bent for a while, and then when the seatbelt decided to stop retracting, I knew it was time to find a new one. That turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. A month of Craigslisting turned up nothing but one prick in Wisconsin who was impossible to deal with (would have been a good excuse to stop at Mars’ Cheese Castle too).

The good people of Oppo turned me onto car-part.com. I announced in that thread that I had sourced one, only to have that yard call me back the next day to tell me their inventory was wrong and they didn’t have the seat.

Two days later another one popped up, and it was both cheaper and closer! Drastic times call for drastic measures, I took the day off work and hauled ass over to Elgin Super Autoparts with a c-note in hand. It was a really nice place, staffed by very nice people.

The only catch was the fabric didn’t match. I really only needed the new seat back, so I figured out how to take them apart (as usual, the first one took like an hour and a half to take apart, and the second about 20 minutes). I then took them both over to a local trim shop that had been recommended to me. A day and another hundo later, and the seat covers were swapped.

Today was a chilly day, but not so bad in the sun. I got the seats both put back together, put my seat back in the truck, and then crossed my fingers that both the seat sensors still worked. They did!


I’m going to throw the other seat on Craigslist at a discounted rate. It’s not mint by any means, but as I discovered, these seats are a bitch to find.

The donor


The transplant recipient

I also got to smugly reply “Nope” when that jerk who I was trying to buy seats from for two weeks texted me today, asking if I was still interested in his seats.