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I've mended something!

Noticed my (usually) trustworthy Vostock making some very ugly metal on metal sounds earlier today so decided to open it up and do some exploring. I’ve never been brave enough to play around with the inner workings of a watch before and I wasn’t sure how much I was going to be able to accomplish, but I really wanted a chance to play with the watch tool kit I bought about a year back.

So I opened it up and right off the bat, the smallest screw I’ve ever directly interacted with fell out onto the carpet. I hunted with a magnet for a solid 5 minutes before finding it, then I took a long look at the state of the inner workings.


Looks like this screw’s job is to hold on the rotor for the winding mechanism. It backed out and allowed the rotor to move around a LOT more than it’s ever intended to. There was some pretty obvious scratches on the caseback and I’m assuming it was also making contact with some of the winding gear-train.


In any case there was no obvious signs of damage so I put it back together, and it’s been keeping solid time for the past 6 hours. Really glad I took it apart when I did, cannot imagine how much damage that screw would have done if it fell into the balance wheel.


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