My headlight bulbs have been notoriously bad since I started driving my car. I chalked them up to '90s era technology but my dad talked me out of HID kits after converting EVERY car from his pickup to my mom's Camry, so I picked up some decent Phillips bulbs off Amazon.


Side note: The great thing about the bug eye Integra is that each eye is one beam. This is good, because the passenger side high beam requires removing a coolant reservoir.

It seemed like an easy task until I started doing it. I popped the hood, and tried removing the connector before taking the bulb out. No dice. After much forcing, I gave up and took the bulb out before using the bulb assembly as leverage to pull the connector out.


I then noticed that the bulbs were nasty. Not broken nasty, but filthy nasty - the filaments were corroded and the plastic housing was covered in grime. They were also labeled KOITO, meaning they were OEM Honda equipment. I put two and two together and realized that these were the bulbs that came with my car when it rolled out of the factory 20 years ago this month.

Turned on the switch and they work! Hooray! I've mended something. But those lenses look a bit foggy, so it looks like I better get some sanding done.

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