I've mended something, that's not a car! (also followup question for computer oppos)

Well, I replaced the hard drive in my laptop. This marks the first time I’ve done any hardware repair on a computer! I’m also pretty excited about keeping my burner account, that I hadn’t written down/saved the password for anywhere.

Huge shout out to everyone who gave me advice on my post the other day! I used the Macium reflect and it worked perfectly.

Old hard drive

Question- Is this corrosion/dirt on the heat sink something to be concerned about? If so, how would I clean it?

It looks lighter in the pic. It was much darker in person.

One last thing! Where should I take my old hard drive to be destroyed? I’ve thought about donating it to the Clinton foundation, I hear they have a good reputation of destroying data.

Duh dun tish!

But seriously, what should I do with the old drive?

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