Today I fixed three whole vehicular things, so here's a Jaaaaag race car.

I took my 135is out of the garage for the first time in a couple months and got a low tire light.

Thing mended #1 - way too expensive batteries for Accutire gauge

Thing mended #2 - topped up air in tires in 9 degree weather with no goves

After eating dinner at home, I went to do some errands with my Grand Cherokee, and the low coolant warning came on for the second time this week. It's really annoying because it's on the overhead console display that normally has the temp and compass. You can't dismiss the warning! I wanted my damned compass and temp back dammit.


Thing mended #3 - bought a jug of antifreeze at O'Reilly, topped up coolant reservoir

Bonus round - when walked up to the front door of my building I met a new neighbor who is a double leg amputee dude who was walking his 2 dogs (1 off leash) and by walking I mean taking outside to make yellow snow 10 feet in front of the door. During the usual how are ya I'm good how bout yourself, he said he was doing REALLY GOOD. Like, sincerely.


Also, here's more info about the Jaaaaaaaag.