I've moved to Georgia

Officially with a plate and everything.

Now I currently have a “welcome to North Carolina” front plate from when I lived in North Carolina. It’s in the style of the welcome signs at the NC border. A similar plate is used on state owned vehicles in North Carolina, so when I had my Ranger and Ram 2500 it made it look like I was a state owned service truck from the front. I got away with parking on many curbs on my state owned university this way. The look grew on me,so I kept it when I got the SportWagen. But now I’m not in NC anymore, so it doesn’t really make sense. I looked for a Georgia welcome sign front plate and couldn’t find one. So I fired up Illustrator and will have this custom front plate this time next week:

Wont have ice like this in Atlanta, right?

Excited for it to come in. The logo is a registered trademark, which I think means I can’t sell them, but I feel like there might be a market for something like this. I run a front plate because my car came from the North where front plates are mandatory, and taking the bracket off would leave unsightly holes and show where the paint has faded. I think state welcome signs are kinda campy and a good filler for a non front plate state.

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