I’ve never been so happy to have my hand covered in fuel.

So the whole time I’ve owned my Galant VR-4 it’s hard a few problems. High idle on start up, like 2500 rpm, rough idea after that at 10-1200. For awhile it even wouldn’t idle at all once it warmed up, that was fixed by replacing a few vacuum lines. The cruise control can’t mantian speed, it surges and slows over and over. And the big problem has been that it will stop accelerating at high boost not all the time but most of the time.

We today I may have figured out why, the fuel pressure regulator is FUBAR. My brother in law suggested it a few days ago, and I looked up how to diagnose it. It’s simple take off the vacuum line to the regulator, if it’s got fuel in it you need a new one. Makes since, a whole in the diaphragm would let fuel into the vacuum line. So today I pulle dog the line and yup it was full of fuel. I ordered a new one, and I’ve got some replacement vac line. Here’s hoping this cures one or more of my problems.