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I've Never in my Life Experienced Someone Try So Hard to Shoot Off Their Foot

Yet today I get a call that my car is done. I drive 45 minutes to the dealer. I walk in the dealer. I get teased with, “Let me go pull your car around.”

Then, of course: “VW is sending a rep to inspect the car, we’ll be sure that the car is filled up and clean. You can’t take it until it’s done.”

I’m more than fine with the rep, but 1. Part of the reason the rep is coming is from your “detailing department” ruining my paint. And 2. Tell me before I waste an hour and a half of my day by going to the dealer.


I may have caused a slight scene when he told me they would detail the car to make it up. I yelled out “So they can scratch the shit out of it some more.” And that’s when I left.

Midlands VW of Columbia is the name.

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